Your demand

Your business relies on the IT infrastructure. Your servers, although running reliable and robust, are not anymore supported by the SW or HW vendor. Or you plan to migrate to a modern, standardized, homogenous HW platform. Your infrastructure is highly decentralized and heterogeneous. Typical challenges you face in the day-to-day operations are missing transparency and high complexity of your environment, with increasing operation and support costs.

Our solution

With our innovative, customized Lease and Service Concept we offer you to operate your Server environment with competive cost structures and highest realiability. Our services include the introduction and implementation of a homogeneous HW platform – either in the existing HW environment or introducing new technologies. We guarantee minimum response and recovery times.

Our concept is specifically focused on corporations, that still leverage Alpha-Server-Technology from HP, but equally serves those corporation that plan migrate to new Itanium platforms. In addition the concept can be expanded to other HW environments like PROLIANT and HP9000.

We guarantee minimum response and recovery times (2 Hour Call to Repair).

Your benefits

Lower and better planable operations and support cost, with higher system-performance and realiability, faster and higher qualified services, potentially additional savings through increased space and energy efficiency.

Download our presentation: Alpha Server Lease & Service Concept